Complete Skateboard Package Guide

A ready to ride skateboard consists of a deck, 2 trucks, a set of wheels (4), a set of bearings (8), mounting hardware (8 bolts & 8 nuts) and a sheet of griptape. In order to make your selected deck a complete choose from the following packs. Basic assembly is required, watch our Instructional Video below for directions.
Basic Complete Components:
  • Bullet Trucks 
  • Independent Bearings
  • Sect or Jessup Griptape (depending on availability)
  • Clone Wheels
  • Sect Phillips Hardware
Standard Complete Components:
  • Ace Trucks
  • Andale Bearings
  • Jessup Griptape 
  • Clone Wheels
  • Sect Phillips Hardware_______
Premium Complete Components:
  • Independent Trucks 
  • Bones Reds Bearings
  • Jessup Griptape
  • Clone Wheels
  • Independent Phillips Hardware